Our goal is to highlight the Greek land, its natural products and its countless effects in our health.

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Our herbs are exclusively produced by Greek producers and collectors. The close relationship we have with all our partners is the most essential guarantee of althemis for you, raising the quality bar high.

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The processing and packaging of our formulations does not take place in bulk and in large quantities, this enables us to have a thorough control, to ensure the quality and preservation of the plants in optimal conditions, meeting all the required food safety requirements in the best possible quality, quality of althemis!

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Our target is our customers to get high quality products without extra cost. Everyone who takes part in adverts of althemis is close friend of ours and does it selflessly free of charge! When you do something you really love the outcome will be totally unique and genuine!

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Integrate their consumption into your everyday life and the results will surprise even the most demanding.

With respect to nature and the environment, we bring the pharmacy of nature to your home!


Herbal cosmetics made by us for our most demanding customers.
The use of unique oils in the quality of a drinkable product makes all our preparations 100% natural with their quality unparalleled.


Herbs from every corner of Greece! By collecting herbs and people who love nature and the Greek land we have managed to have a range of over 40 different herb codes of excellent quality free from chemicals and damage from mismanagement of plants.


All of our oils are of excellent quality for every use, for creating your own cosmetics, as space aromatic and aromatherapy and natural drinks.


Unique herbal products made by us for cosmetic use and also for preventing and treating naturally various diseases and common cold.

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We regularly write posts about herbs, products and the properties they have. Stay tuned for more articles!

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